Your WorldKeeper, Diane Garland, helps you maintain your story world accuracy by tracking all those little details that are so easily lost but are so important to the overall continuity of a series. You’ll easily build your series story world with charts that track the features of all of the characters and places and any other specifics you need (such as ghosts, songs mentioned, etc.). As one author states, Your WorldKeeper captures the details that can sometimes morph or fall by the wayside from book to book. You write the story—Your WorldKeeper organizes the details, and provides an easy-to-use chart for you to use when researching and checking facts. Your WorldKeeper also develops a handy synopsis/timeline by chapter.

Prices are according to word count.

  • 20K-40K       $110
  • 40K-60K       $220
  • 60K-80K       $330
  • 80K-100K     $440
  • 100K-120K   $550

Proofreading services are also available.